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Our views on the Draft Master Plan

Overall we believe that the Gateway areas need to look natural with emphasis on plants rather than hard landscaping.  We lost vegetation when the intersection was built and we want this area to look natural, rather than built.

The Masterplan (which can be viewed on the Participate Nillumbik website) needs to fit in with the landscape. The location of any features should be in keeping with the topography and also respect whatever indigenous plants are already there, just hanging on!

Things we like


  • The removal of dead and dying trees in area A to make the area safe for passive occupation

  • The removal of non-indigenous growth in Area A to allow for regeneration and planting of indigenous plants and trees

  • The use of gravel to define pedestrian paths

  • The re-use of timber from the removed trees to build the boardwalk areas, seating and fencing along the drain

  • The re-purposing of tree stumps for art work and seating

  • The use of signage to identify the indigenous plants and history/significance of the site

  • The use of “white trunk” trees to define the verges of the gateway on the side of the road



  • The use of planting to provide a screen between this area and the residence  near the bridge

  • The use of logs and rocks to restrict vehicle access to the existing grassed areas

  • Enhancing the landscaping along Main Rd and the corner of Falkiner Street


  • The use of “white trunk” trees to define the verges of the gateway on the side of the road

  • The location of a major art piece (marked on the plan as a 'sculpture')  in Area C North – where it will be visible to drivers entering Eltham and to those leaving Eltham as they cross the Diamond Creek bridge

  • The relocation of the bushfire warning sign to allow a clear line of sight to the art work


Things we don’t like so much


  • The edible garden spiral path seems to be an expensive and unnecessary means of showing edible indigenous plants. This design will require ongoing, frequent and expensive maintenance by Council. Edible indigenous planting could be located throughout Area A and along the main loop pathway. The spiral idea could find a home in Area B at a later date but not using the budget available for the first stage of the project.

  • The fence along the existing shared pathway is an unnecessary and expensive element of this first stage of the plan

  • There is no provision for safety fencing within Area A along the edge of the Diamond Creek and the drain (which is not identified on the concept plan)

  • The presence of “logs/balance beams” close to the edge of the drop-off to the drain with no safety fence

  • The meeting circle shows " curved stone seating" or rocks to sit on but the respondents to Vicki Ward's survey preferred wooden bench style seating with a back

  • The circle should be smaller to allow for more intimate conversations



  • The use of rocks adjacent to the existing path in Area B (south) adds to costs and maintenance requirements. Shrubs and grasses should be adequate in this area


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