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Progress to date

  • Land holders (Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and VicRoads) have indicated support

  • Council unanimously resolved to provide assistance - see Council resolution passed on 26/10/2021

  • MRPV has offered assistance in the form of arborist services and design development

  • Vicki Ward sponsored the community survey to canvass ideas for the project

  • Survey returns analysed and summarised 

  • Survey responses and ideas reported to MRPV, Nillumbik and the community

  • MRPV and Nillumbik have agreed on funding and a governance plan

  • Nillumbik have agreed to act a project manager

  • A Project Co-ordination Group has been established with community representation

  • A draft master Plan was prepared and community input received via Participate Nillumbik

What is happening now? March 2023

  • A Master Plan has been agreed following consultation

  • Site clearing and tree removal has occurred and

  • the landscape firm Indigenous Design is implementing Stage 1 works

    • hard landscaping, fencing, planting, furniture installation, etc

  • Expressions of interest were received from interested artists

    • the successful artist has prepared the sculpture work for installation​ in Area C

What happens next

  • the formal opening of the Gateway on April 30th at 

  • more planting with opportunity for Community involvement

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